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Literature drop workers ready to go - Participatory democracy starts young
(A "lit drop" refers to the candidate and volunteers going door to door
and leaving campaign literature at each door handle.)
Ken Stevens - Lit drop Guru

Rules of the Road for Literature (“Lit”) Drops
from Ken Stevens

The GOAL is to hit as many doors as possible.

If a dog is in the yard, move on.

Door handles come in all kinds. Some facilitate Lit drops & some discourage it.

If the Lit cannot be securely attached to something, skip that house.

Littering would be counterproductive.

Avoid controversy or conversations.

We neither want to turn anyone off nor be slowed down.

If there is a no soliciting sign, Go On By.

Skip houses that have "For Sale" signs or indicators in front of them. (Nobody is likely to be there and whoever is moving in
eventually may not be registered in the county.)

Rev. 10/16/2008
Strategic session - Ken Stevens & Mark Hensman plot routes
Authority: Tamara Dyer, Treasurer - Allen Dyer, Candidate