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Citizens Working to Fix Howard County
(t/a FixHoCo) LLC, PAC's

Parents Choice of Maryland

The People's Voice, LLC PAC,
sponsoring The Ethics Ballot. The People's Voice is an organization founded to increase transparency and communication regarding local Government activities. We seek to promote political candidates who put community interests over special interests.

  1. Additional resources need to be targeted at individual at-risk students. At-risk students need a place to study and a way to access teachers and computers beyond the standard school day. All of our young people must be prepared for a gainful life in our community.
  2. More skills training opportunities. Abstraction is fine but working with your hands and operating equipment safely makes our reality. Working with your hands requires the development of judgment about acceptable risk — judgment that provides a foundation for good citizenship.
  3. HCPSS must be accountable and transparent. No taxpayer should have any doubt that their taxes are being invested wisely in our future. In a representative government, public records and public meetings are a necessity — not a luxury.



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Authority: Tamara Dyer, Treasurer - Allen Dyer, Candidate